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DexInsider x $GM☕️ Partnership

DexInsider is a registered business and upcoming crypto news network with live updates using Telegram bot, Twitter, and it’s website. DexInsider has a partnership with Benzinga. Benzinga is a massive financial news company with 25 million monthly viewers which will enable greater news coverage of the larger macro crypto market by DexInsider.

In addition to the larger scale news, DexInsider will expand in the untapped small cap crypto project space. News coverage in the world of small caps for crypto enthusiasts and degens is completely lacking a transparent and nonbias news source.

Dexinsider will consist of live news feeds, in depth analysis and articles, interviews and amas, as well as marketing materials.

DexInsider is developing a team of authors, editors, speakers, and content creators to form partnerships with crypto projects. These “partner projects” will have exclusive access to DexInsider’s offerings.

In addition to these partner projects, there will also be coverage of other projects in the small cap space to give the consumer a well balanced view of whats happening on the ground floor in small cap cryptoland.

Some of these will be simple news headlines from various projects to keep DexInsider the hot place to find information. There will be spotlights given to projects and communities that win contests to earn a DexInsider highlight. And others will pay for a spotlight similar to an influencer/caller giving a shoutout to a token.

$GM has taken over management of DexInsider and will reward the GM Coin holders using some of the revenue generated. Half the revenue will be used to help the $GM project with actions such as buybacks. 50% of the proceeds will be used for those buybacks and 50% will provide earnings for the team of authors, editors, content creators, speakers, etc. $GM will also receive a lot of positive attention being the operators of DexInsider and benefiting from the marketing and networking of this news agency.

This is the beginning stages so join along and if you’re interested in helping please speak up!

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