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Toshi Tools Beta DApp V1 testing nearing its completion

With a focus on user experience and functionality, Toshi Tools successfully building the first version of the dApp. This version of the dApp allow users to connect their wallets and view their wallet performance on their profile dashboard. Furthermore, on the overview page, users can search and view other top-performing wallets and can favourite trending wallets which they decide to follow.

The front end of the app is being developed using react while the backend is being handled with Django, a Python web framework. The Django framework will make use of Redis and Celery to provide constant up to date data. Below is a video of the front end of our app in action with our dashboard animations and basic data scraping in effect.

Toshi Tools testing AI’s functionality by adding chat GPT-3 directly on the app. As of now, the release of this AI assistant on the Toshi app will allow users to only chat with GPT-3 AI. It is not incorporated with the functions of the Toshi app but will give users a taste of the benefits of accessing chat GPT-3. This addition will enhance user’s search functionality. Development team heavily testing the functionality of integrating the AI system with the Toshi app.

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