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High-quality play-to-earn games are created by the Australian game studio Matrix Studios. Marvel, Disney, and Nickelodeon are just a few award-winning clients of Matrix Studios’ development team. They are in charge of several licensed video games, including Star Wars, Spider-Man, Transformers, and others.

They consider this unrealized potential because Blockchain P2E gaming has yet to gain traction in the mobile gaming industry. By 2030, the market for mobile gaming is anticipated to exceed $272 billion. According to statistics, the worldwide gaming market was estimated to be valued at $162.32 billion in 2020. Mobile games generated more than half of that sum. According to statistics, millennials make up the majority of mobile gamers. Millennials between the ages of 23 and 38 are not only the age group that makes up the majority of mobile gamers but also the group that spends the most time playing games, which corresponds to the precise age range of cryptocurrency investors.



MTX is going to be the currency that they use for in-game rewards. The players who achieve the highest scores will receive MTX tokens as a prize, and gamers will be able to spend MTX tokens to buy unlocking content within the game. At some point in the future, they plan to make it possible to buy, sell, and trade NFTs on our marketplace using MTX tokens. Those with MTX will be granted access to the MTX ecosystem and other benefits.


More than sixty percent of the overall supply has been consumed as of this point. Both automatic and manual methods can be used to cause burns. About the automatic burn, the dead wallet is credited with a certain amount of MTX whenever a transaction is completed. Depending on the requirements of the token at the moment, this feature can either be enabled or disabled. To maintain the expansion and progression of the Matrix Studios token, manual burns are occasionally started during certain periods.

Liquidity Pool:

Because an additional 3% is added to the Matrix-BNB liquidity pool for every single transaction (buy, sell, and transfer), the pool grows more stable and less volatile as time goes on. While the stability of liquidity pools is of the utmost importance, the safety of the pools themselves is of equal significance. One of the most secure pools on the Binance Smart Chain is the locked MTX liquidity pool since it is constantly maintained and consequently considered one of the safest.


The owners of NFTs are eligible to participate in play-to-earn activities and competitions and are also given access to specific areas of the ecosystem. As a key component of their gameplay, the upcoming games “Big Bang Battle Royale” and “Alchemy” will both make considerable use of non-finite transitions (NFTs).

MTX Gaming

Play-to-earn games are currently being developed as part of the Matrix Studios project, which is intended to generate a self-sustaining ecosystem.

The perspective

The mission of Matrix Studios is straightforward: to deliver a gaming experience on the blockchain that is of the best possible quality. Through the use of blockchain technology in mobile games, they are connecting the reminiscence of classic gaming with the development of Web3.

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