GrimaceCoin Developing Dubai Based Food Delivery App

Grimace, the lovable, purple character from the McDonaldland commercials has now become a very hot commodity in the Meme Coin space and overall Crypto scene. The Grimace craze all started on January 25, 2022 with an Elon Musk tweet stating “I will eat a happy meal on tv if @McDonalds accepts Dogecoin”. McDonalds then replied to the Cryptocurrency Godfather with “only if @tesla accepts grimacecoin”. And with that, Grimace Coin was born.

As you can imagine, once Grimace Coin was launched it absolutely skyrocketed in price and hype. This was a sight to be seen to say the least. But like every Meme Coin that blows up in popularity right off the bat, it then cooled down tremendously over the coming months. This is where the strength of the community and development team comes in to play. They just kept going and have been nonstop delivering in the most bearish of times for all of Crypto.

The Grimace team has delivered Utility in the forms of NFTs, Grimace Run(game), a Grimace bridge on 3 Blockchains(BSC, Ethereum, CRO), PurpleBuyBot, a Dubai based Food Delivery App coming soon, along with more secret Utility that has yet to be announced. It’s safe to say, the Grimace hype is building again.

Grimace At The Burj

On the 24th of September the largest Crypto Exchange in the world, Binance, was displayed on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This was an incredible marketing move for Binance, and the Grimace team saw this as an opportunity to gain some attention as well. They decided to rent a yellow Lamborghini and place the Binance logo with the hashtag #BinanceAtTheBurj on the car. Not only that, they had a female model wearing a GrimaceCoin t-shirt to catch even more eyes.

These photos were then posted on the GrimaceCoin Twitter which tagged the Founder of Binance, CZ, who then retweeted the post. This very strategic play resulted in the price of GrimaceCoin going up over 400 percent in the next few hours. What a move.

Grimace Toys In Adult Happy Meals At McDonalds

If you haven’t heard, McDonalds just came out with Adult Happy Meals. Talk about nostalgia. There is an option to choose from Chicken McNuggets or a Big Mac, and the best thing is they come with a toy. Grimace is one of these toys accompanied by the classic McDonaldland characters the Hamburglar and Birdie, along with a new character named Buddy.

This is something that has the possibility of being extremely bullish for Grimace Coin. McDonalds is the most popular fast food restaurant worldwide, so Grimace is gaining exposure everywhere in the form of these toys. This is not an official endorsement by McDonalds for the coin, but it is definitely good for marketing.

Social Media has even been blowing up with posts of adults showing off their beloved plastic friends. McDonalds is also having a hard time keeping this option on the menu there is such a demand. What a time to be alive.

Dubai Based Food Delivery App

With the close ties Grimace has to McDonalds, what better use case is there for the token than their own food delivery app? Similar to the likes of Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates and others; except the Grimace Food Delivery App will only accept payment in GrimaceCoin making it the first Crypto supported app people will be able to order food on. This is big.

The app actually consists of 3 in total for each party involved: Driver App, Customer App and Restaurant App. This will be going live in Q4 of 2022 so it is getting closer by the day.

A big move the Grimace team pulled off in the development and logistics of the operation was making an agreement with Quick Link(Dubai) back on September 9th. This gives them access to a network of 15K+ motorcycles and riders. The specific riders will make deliveries across Dubai in GrimaceCoin clothing along with the motorcycles displaying the logo. Mass global adoption of GrimaceCoin could be happening sooner than we think.


For more information on the Grimace Food Delivery App please read their article posted on CoinMarketCap – Guest Post

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  1. GrimaceCoin is undoubtably going to change the face of cryptocurrency forever with this utility .

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