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2022 in Review: Cudos to our launches and successes!

2022 was a year of challenges, learning, perseverance, and growth culminating in four major launches, three large exchange listings, and two prestigious awards. 


Looking back at the past year reveals the road to our blockchain mainnet launch, followed by three other major go-lives. We also expanded our network significantly, while attending a total of 53 events, winning awards and sharing insights across hot topics such as sustainability, cloud computing, and the Metaverse. 

Road to mainnet

We began the year working tirelessly to get us ready for our mainnet launch. Admittedly, it took us far longer than expected, but we learnt a lot along the way and built our resilience. We overcame many challenges and hit numerous milestones during and after our Testnet – Project Artemis. Notably, we kept our community informed during the entire period and engaged with regular Mainnet and token migration updates. 

Significant Milestones

  • Blockchain launch – After completing all foundational work and ensuring we can guarantee our user’s safety, on 16 June 2022, we officially launched our mainnet.

Commenting on the launch, CEO Matt Hawkins stated, “The release of the mainnet ushers in a new era for our network and the blockchain and cloud sectors as it sets the underlying architecture for deploying decentralised applications, non-fungible tokens, decentralised financial instruments, and the metaverse on a potentially expansive cloud infrastructure. The support of our community has been immense from the get-go, and we are delighted to achieve this critical milestone in the Cudo journey collectively. Developers and users may now employ Cudos for scalable and affordable decentralised solutions and contribute to the network’s growth and success”.

  • Foundation launch – Approximately two months after our blockchain went live, we launched The Cudos Foundation to champion blockchain adoption. 

“As you may be aware, the Cudos blockchain network rolled out its mainnet in June and is poised to work with its extensive list of partners as well as visionary builders to create ambitious decentralised applications that focus on creating a decentralised, sustainable, and connected world. Within this picture, the Foundation is critical for realising our overarching vision of nurturing high-impact projects that align with our values through the grant program,” said Matt Hawkins, Founder of Cudo Ventures and Board Member of the Foundation.

  • Cudo Compute launch – Less than two months after the Foundation we went live, we launched our fairer distributed cloud platform on 6 October 2022.


Cudo Compute – Marketplace

Partnership highlights

Throughout 2022, we continued expanding our network of partnerships and alliances. 

The year began with a deepening of our collaboration and a joint discussion between Cudos’ founder and CEO, Matt Hawkins and Tingo’s President, Chris Cleverly about the potential of blockchain to benefit 10 million people in Nigeria. Similarly, we collaborated with KamPay to support the Coding Africa project developing a learning platform to equip the African youth with coding and tech knowledge.

We also partnered with AMD and GOATi to create the ultimate gaming experience and with Copernic Space and Sfera Technologies to democratise space data access. Moreover, we expanded the utility of our token by making it available for payments on Shopify and WooCommerce via NOWPayments. Importantly, we remained committed to sustainability with a new carbon-offsetting partnership with KyotoProtocol.io

“The use of smart contracts has massive potential in the fight against climate change. KyotoProtocol.io allows us to offset our carbon footprint and incentivise it through their DeFi offerings. As building a sustainable computing model is at the core of our company’s values, it is encouraging to know that with KyotoProtocol.io, we can track our carbon credits transparently and reliably. We are happy to partner with KyotoProtocol.io to ascertain that we are meeting our target to stay carbon neutral,” commented Matt Hawkins, CEO and Founder of Cudos.

It was an important year for Cudo Compute, as well as it partnered with nuco.cloud to reduce wasted computing and with Panchaea and NVIDIA to power the future of the 3D internet. Additionally, the distributed cloud platform joined DPP, the leading media industry association.

“Cudo Compute and the DPP share a mission of bringing customers and suppliers together. In Cudo Compute’s case, we are doing this to create an inherently more efficient and sustainable way of using the world’s available computing resources. Joining the DPP helps us share our insights and thought leadership position with the wider media and entertainment industry in fellowship with the strategic insights and industry initiatives championed by the DPP. Ultimately, we see our membership as an opportunity to not only grow our business but also work with the entire industry in evolving toward an inclusive and fairer cloud ecosystem that is more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable,” said Gary Negus, Business Development Manager at Cudo Compute.

Exchange Listings

Throughout 2022, we significantly expanded the global presence and availability of the CUDOS token. In March, CUDOS went live on Huobi Global in our largest listing to date. Later in August, we expanded our presence across 90+ global markets with a Crypto.com listing. Beyond these centralised exchanges, true to our nature and values, we also went live on Cosmos’ leading decentralised exchange – Osmosis Frontier.


CUDOS logo on Mintscan by Cosmostation Source: https://hub.mintscan.io/ibc-network 

As Cudos’ CEO Matt Hawkins explained: “The recent launch of the Cudos mainnet has been an incredible achievement, the result of years of hard work by our dedicated team and the support of our vibrant and active community. Now that the network is live, we’re looking to the future with our goal of building a decentralised, sustainable and connected world. Thanks to this major new listing on Crypto.com, we’ll be able to introduce a whole new universe of users to the benefits of our blockchain.”

Events & Awards

We sponsored, presented at, or attended too many events this year to list individually. Still, some highlights include ETHDenver and the CryptoAM event in February and Paris Blockchain Week in April.


Importantly, beyond merely attending, we made a splash at some of these events. We ranked 8th in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 UK and won the AIBC’s summit best cloud computing project award

Commenting on the award, David Pugh-Jones, CMO of Cudos, said: “Being recognised as the Best Cloud Computing Project at one of the world’s most prestigious blockchain, AI, and crypto events is a huge success and honour for us. While our entire marketing team is thrilled that our efforts in sharing our story with the world resulted in this special award, this is just the tip of the iceberg. This massive success wouldn’t be possible without the tireless work of our tech and product teams developing exceptional Web3 solutions.”

Thought leadership

Throughout the year, we continued developing insights and thought leadership across several key themes for our engaged community. 

“I have learned many things at Cudos not just as an apprentice but also as a woman trying to excel in a career in a traditionally male-dominated industry. I am pleased to say that I have had a successful start and journey with Cudos so far,” commented Simrun K Singh, Digital Marketing Apprentice at Cudos.  

  • Sustainability – Among the key topics we discussed were the environmental costs of a centralised cloud and NFTs We. We also discussed some of the greenwashing among hyperscale providers and explained the potential of decentralised cloud computing to push back the tide of e-waste. Finally, we detailed our commitment and alignment with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals

Cloud computing – We introduced a bold new approach to server lifecycle management and outlined hardware capacity recycling as the future of computation. Moreover, we contextualised the cloud industry growth among the broader turmoil and addressed the complicated question of scalability.


It was a year of challenges, persistence, and, ultimately, successes for us. We appreciate the support of our community and want to extend our gratitude and appreciation and wish you all a happy festive season. 

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Cudos is powering the metaverse bringing together DeFi, NFTs and gaming experiences to realise the vision of a decentralised Web3, enabling all users to benefit from the growth of the network. We’re an interoperable, open platform launchpad that will provide the infrastructure required to meet the 1000x higher computing needs for the creation of fully immersive, gamified digital realities. Cudos is a Layer 1 blockchain and Layer 2 community-governed compute network, designed to ensure decentralised, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale. Our native utility token CUDOS is the lifeblood of our network and offers an attractive annual yield and liquidity for stakers and holders.

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