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2024 Crypto Predictions From Experts: ‘Accessible, Open, Secure And Structured Channels For Bitcoin’

Have you found yourself asking what the future of crypto and blockchain holds this year?

If so, join the Benzinga Crypto and Blockchain Outlook in 2024 virtual event at 11 a.m. ET on Thursday, Jan. 25. This webinar features an impressive lineup of industry experts, each bringing unique achievements and wisdom on what the year could mean for crypto currency and its relevancy.

Here’s a look at the experts sharing the outlook for 2024.

Alex Chizhik: COO, Chamber of Digital Commerce

Alex Chizhik, COO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, believes the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF in 2024 is a watershed moment for the crypto. However, he emphasizes the importance of being good stewards of the space and educating investors on the volatility of Bitcoin.

“We must help them understand the freedoms that Bitcoin brings and prepare them to weather the ups and downs of our industry,” says Chizhik.

Joey Garcia: Director, Xapo Bank

Joey Garcia, the director at Xapo Bank, predicts 2024 will see the development of accessible, open, secure, and structured channels for Bitcoin.

“Accessible, open, secure and structured channels to BTC will continue to develop, and this will increase the 4.2% 2023 global adoption rate of the asset class in 2024, no question,” says Garcia.

He also predicts Bitcoin sidechains will gain momentum as the crypto’s momentum builds. Still, he also highlights the pressure points on the asset’s unregulated and insecure access points.

David LaValle: Global Head of ETFs, Grayscale

With more than two decades of experience in financial services, David LaValle is a notable figure in the digital currency asset management sector. As the global head of ETFs at Grayscale, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, LaValle’s expertise spans finance, indexing, and the exchange-traded product ecosystem. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in Grayscale’s growth and the expansion of its ETF offerings.

“The Grayscale team is incredibly proud of the work we have done to launch GBTC as the first and largest spot Bitcoin ETF, blazing a path forward for all spot Bitcoin ETFs to come to market. We expect that a robust ecosystem of Bitcoin products will be developed, which is good for Bitcoin and for the broader market,” LaValle said.

Stefan Rust: CEO, Truflation

Stefan Rust, CEO of independent economic data aggregator Truflation, believes Bitcoin is still on track to overtake gold, which has a market cap of nearly $14 trillion.

“Nation states will start using Bitcoin as their national reserve currency, and we will also see the return of commodity-backed currencies, with Bitcoin being one of these commodities,” says Rust.

He also predicts the Bitcoin halving happening this year will lead to a scarcity of supply in the market. Given the growing demand, limited supply will only accelerate the appreciation in the value of this rare finite commodity.

Megan Nilsson: Web 3 Strategic Advisor, Podcast Host

Megan Nilsson, a prominent Web 3 Strategic advisor and host of the Crypto Megan Podcast, stands out for her deep understanding of digital currencies and blockchain technology. She has been a vocal advocate for the adoption and sensible regulation of blockchain technology, providing strategic advice to various projects in the Web 3 space.

Her podcast has gained a reputation for its insightful analysis and discussions on the latest trends in cryptocurrency.

Brock Pierce: Futurist and Economist

According to Brock Pierce, a renowned futurist, philanthropist and economist, has a positive outlook for Bitcoin in 2024.

“With Central Bank Digital Currencies being a core statement for Trump because of the Vivek as well as RFK Jr. with the ETFs coming online and all the financial uncertainty in the world, I’ve got a very bullish view of Bitcoin this year,” Pierce says.

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