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Altcoin Season On The Horizon? Analysts Point To Potential Early Peak

Cryptocurrency analysts are buzzing with anticipation of a coming altcoin boom, with some suggesting the party could start sooner than expected.

What Happened: Crypto analyst Miles Deutscher suggests that while historical patterns indicate a peak in October 2025, several factors might lead to an earlier zenith for altcoins.

“In both prior cycles, altcoins have peaked exactly 546 days post-halving,” Deutscher noted. “If this cycle follows the same pattern, this would suggest an altcoin peak in October 2025.”

However, he cautions against relying solely on historical data, adding, “For a variety of reasons, such as cycle acceleration and macro factors, I think we peak earlier than this.”

Deutscher emphasized that despite the limitations of looking at just two data points, the broader implication is clear.

“We are probabilistically still early in the cycle from an altcoin point of view,” he explained. “Or at least earlier than many are propagating.”

Supporting this perspective, crypto trader Jelle observed similarities between the current altcoin behavior and the market dynamics at the end of 2020.

“Altcoins are still playing out very similarly to what we saw towards the end of 2020,” Jelle said.

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“A bunch of wicks into the key support, and then suddenly; price ripping higher. Expecting this time to play out the same, soon enough. Be patient. The best is yet to come.”

Technical analyst Yoddha provided a structural overview of the altcoin market’s trajectory.

“The weekly candle went from looking like crypto is a scam to crypto is the future,” Yoddha noted, outlining the typical stages of a bull market. “The Altcoins bull market blueprint is simple: An extended period of accumulation, breakout, a brief period of consolidation & disbelief, and then the bull market. We’re nearing the end of the consolidation. Bring on the bull.”

Echoing this optimism, crypto commentator Steph Is Crypto highlighted a significant technical indicator for Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), which often sets the trend for altcoins.

“This bull flag breakout is still active for Bitcoin on the weekly,” Steph noted. “Don’t get shaken out right now. #BTC and #Altcoins are about to explode soon.”

What’s Next: As the crypto community closely monitors these developments, the upcoming Benzinga Future of Digital Assets event on Nov. 19 will provide a timely platform to discuss the implications of these trends.

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