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CULT DAO Building Its Own Blockchain

The founder of the CULT DAO Mr. O’Modulus(Anonymous figure), released a Medium article. According to the article CULT DAO building its own blockchain. Crypto markets reacted positive to this news and CULT DAO market cap started to rise.

You may find the article below

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Neither did I until it happened. And yes, I do regret never owning any SHIB.

An ERC 20 token, built with no utility or purpose beyond an experiment in decentralization, has one unifying factor. Numba go up, increase pleb wallet size.

Neither did I until it happened. And yes, I do feel stupid in not having the foresight to see it.

I quote “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” as although we have had some community upheaval of late, we really are incredibly blessed to be in the position we are. CULT has never seen a bull market. In fact the cryptoverse has only seen CULT rise to prominence with an ETH price in the $2000s. Of course there is a big difference between a 2999 ETH price & reaching sub 1000, but the point is that the wider BTC & ETH market has been down only in trend since Cult DAOs existence.

This has the positives that it reduces the speculators in the market, however it does breed resentment, or bad feelings which can even subconsciously affect the best of us.

The Cult Manifesto is my greatest achievement. I knew when I wrote it that it was different. Absolutely not in the sense it was necessarily “good”, but in the sense that I was worried it would come across as the ramblings of a lunatic, before people even got to the tokenomics & token economy section. CULT was never about the money, so I decided to leave it as is, full of references to my inspirations, admissions of things I thought I would never tell, let alone write down & truly reflecting my thoughts onto the pages.

I reached out to you all and said; “if you are as tired as I am tired, if you are as furious as I am furious, as scared as I am scared, then join me, you are not alone any longer, the Many should not live in fear of their governments, it is the governments who should live in fear of the many.”

I just had no idea how many of you felt the same.

This is why we #talkaboutcult & tell people to #readthecultmanifesto. The truth of the matter is we ALL feel the same, we just don’t realise it is EVERYBODY. We aren’t shown protests on TV, on social media they are suppressed because if we realised how much we all had in common, we wouldn’t be waiting for that “push” to get out there & fight.

We all love CULT, decentralization & support The Cult Manifesto. Our disagreements are about everything in between. Our arguments are all due to wanting to further both CULT as a protocol & token, as well as furthering decentralization, and for this reason I am so proud of you all. Democracy & decentralization are cornerstones of our new world, but bureaucracy can also lead to inefficiencies.

So what if we could all further CULT, individually, in however way we pleased without necessarily needing to answer to anybody?

Soon, you can. We are building our very own zk-EVM blockchain powered by CULT.

Our developers will be bridging their CULT across to the chain in order to add liquidity, and every single transaction, contract deployment build & tx will be done using & burning, CULT.

Current ERC 20 CULT and POS 20 RVLT will be able to be bridged across to our chain to power the network. Due to building on a ZK blockchain, our intention is (if feasible) to allow users to  of sending their contract interactions to a block explorer, meaning that it is up to you as the user whether you wish to be transparent or not.

Not to get too technical but essentially this (in theory) is possible if the transaction is sent to a zk node, as everything is batched together and then sent on-chain, which gives the tx max privacy. This feature should put the onus on the user to decide if they wish to interact with a protocol or a deployer who has built something privately vs building transparently. Again, we are building a blockchain, so we will refuse to 100% confirm the above, but the theory is there & it is our intention to have this feature.

The reason & benefits for having this feature is that, like in the case of tornado cash, with our own blockchain, you can just choose to hide your interactions with any protocols you believe could become targets of future administrations or bodies. The most important problem our own blockchain solves for our community is that it frees us from reliance on each other. It may sound counterproductive but most disagreements in CULT are born of everybody’s desire to protect the protocol. There is only one Cult DAO & so everything must be agreed democratically & in unison.

As we have seen, this can lead to adverse affects where disagreements between individuals spiral into disagreements between groups, and quickly sides can form and cause damage when good people on both sides may have enough of one another. Families fight because they love each other, however there is a reason that as children grow they move out of the family home. Our own blockchain is a pressure release valve. It allows the revolutionaries to be revolutionary, the liberals to be liberal, the conservatives to be conservative, degens to be degens and even the fascists to be fascists!

The point being that by existing and building on our own chain, no action is directly harming the protocol & token by not, for example, buying or selling certain proposals, or by spending the treasury on good causes etc. With our own blockchain, we can support everybody, we do not need to worry about shouting out our investees in case followers rotate into them, we have never needed to but now even more so, don’t need to worry about the returns on investment from proposals.

With this chain we can truly live up to the mantle of #weareALLcultdao

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