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EXCLUSIVE: Spottie WiFi Announces New Album ‘The King’s Alpha’ With Features From Snoop Dogg And More

In August 2021, an independent artist made nearly $200K in 60 seconds. This rapper goes by the name of Spottie WiFi and his new-age style has already been cosigned by the likes of Snoop Dogg

What Happened: Spottie WiFi announced his new album, “The King’s Alpha,” which will be released sometime early next year: “Btw I forgot to mention my new album … features collabs with Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Jim Jones, and others :)”

Spottie had been making music for nearly two decades, but it wasn’t until blockchain came around that he was able to make a living from it.

Spottie tokenized his album and released limited copies on Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH), netting him nearly $200K, considered a benchmark study for independent artists. 

“I see the future of crypto as a revolution of transparency. Banks, governments, institutions, record labels and other centralized entities control a lot of money and information, and they’re not always incentivized to be transparent," said Spottie.

"I see blockchain’s potential to transform and disintermediate a lot of industries, including the music industry.”

Spottie also teamed up with Tower Records for its first-ever Web3 activation. 

Why It Matters: “Right now I’m focused on finding opportunities and use cases for blockchain technology that are accessible to the masses. For me, that means token-gated experiences — both IRL and metaverse — and phygitals [physical-digital combinations]," said Spottie.  

"I think the more we can enhance IRL experiences and physical products with blockchain during a bear market, the more receptive people will be when the bull returns.”

“I’m Spottie,” the rapper's first release, is limited to 200 copies, comes with an exclusive NFT and still available on Tower Records’ website.

Spottie also recently appeared with Illmind at Benzinga’s Future of Crypto event in NYC. 

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Photo: I'm Spottie album


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