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Forget Bitcoin, Ethereum And Dogecoin — This Token Rallied 70% Last Month Unfazed By FTX Collapse

As investors move away from centralized exchanges and obtain custody of their assets, the native token of Trust Wallet (CRYPTO: TWT) has gained huge momentum in the past 30 days, rallying over 70%.

Cryptocurrency Monthly Performance Price (Thursday, 12.00 am EST)
Trust Wallet Token +70% $2.10
Litecoin +40% $77.04
OKB +30% $21.69
Toncoin +16% $1.75
GMX +14% $48.78

What Happened: This comes as apex crypto Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) is down 16% since last month, trading at $17,139 at the time of writing. Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) has declined by over 19% and Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) by 26%.

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The second top-gainer in the past 30 days is Litecoin (CRYPTO: LTC). LTC was up 40%, trading at $77, recorded on Thursday, 12 a.m. EST. This comes as LTC Foundation said over 60 million Litecoin have been in cold storage for more than one year, sending bullish signals to investors.

OKB (CRYPTO:OKB), the native token of the crypto exchange OKX, is third on the list, gaining over 30% since last month. It should be noted that OKX was among the first line of exchanges declaring their proof of reserve ratios. The exchange has BTC reserves and ETH reserves of 102%, meaning that OKX user assets outweigh OKX user liabilities for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, OKX has a USDT (CRYPTO: USDT)  reserve ratio of 101%, meaning that the company has enough USDT to cover all user balances.

Toncoin (CRYPTO:TON) gained 16%, followed by GMX (CRYPTO:GMX), a decentralized exchange, which was up 14%.
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