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Get A ‘Zoom Call’ With Donald Trump Without Buying His NFTs? Crypto Enthusiast Says He Has A Trick

A pseudonymous crypto enthusiast revealed how he got a Zoom call with Donald Trump as well as his non-fungible token, or NFT, digital trading cards — all without spending a single cent.

What Happened: In December, Trump unveiled Collect Trump Cards, an online website releasing 45,000 NFTs of the former president. 

Upon purchase of an NFT, customers can enter sweepstakes to win various rewards, such as a dinner in Miami with Trump, a group cocktail at Mar-A-Lago, a one-on-one conversation with Trump, an hour of golf with the former president and two friends, as well as a Zoom call.

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Sweepstakes are competitions where people have a chance to win a prize or prizes through various methods of entry. 

‘CryptosWith’ notes that the U.S. legally requires the inclusion of a 'No Purchase Necessary' stipulation for such sweepstakes. As an example, their sweepstakes for a 20-minute group Zoom call with Trump enables participants to enter without having to purchase a Trump NFT.

To do this, one needs to follow the instructions and mail an index card to a given location to receive their Sweepstakes Code, which can then be entered on the website to find out if they have won.

“So a few weeks ago I followed the instructions, mailed my index card to the Newark address, and just yesterday I received my Sweepstakes Code in the mail. Entering the code on the website, I found out immediately that I had won my 20 minute group Zoom call with President Trump,” the user said.

Trump Digital trading cards have 14,974 owners, which means they have a unique ownership rate of 33% and a total volume of 7945 Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH).

The collection is made up of 45,000 individual collectibles and was sold out for $4.45 million within a day of launching. Originally priced at $99 apiece, individual NFTs have since fetched considerably higher prices due to the incredible demand. 

Price Action: Ethereum was trading at $1,249, down 0.17% in the past 24 hours, according to Benzinga Pro data.

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