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Here’s How Much Profit Donald Trump Would Make If He Sold His TRUMP Memecoin Today

Donald Trump, Republican candidate and former President, finds himself at the center of another lucrative intrigue — not real estate or business, but the crypto world. His charismatic virality makes him a leading figure in PoliFi meme coins. With over half a million TRUMP (MAGA) tokens in his digital wallet, according to Arkham, the question looms: how much are his holdings worth today?

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MAGA, launched in August 2023, was the first project to allocate tokens to Trump’s crypto wallet as a successful marketing scheme. On Aug. 16, 2023, the owners of MAGA sent approximately 470,000 MAGA tokens to Trump’s wallet, followed by an additional 110,000 tokens on Oct. 9, 2023. Trump received a total of approximately 580,000 MAGA tokens, representing around 1.2% of MAGA’s 46.5 million total token supply. At the time, the tokens were worth a mere few thousand dollars, as MAGA’s price was less than $0.01. 

The MAGA token lay dormant for months after its launch in August, only reaching a $2.5 million market cap in 2023. MAGA began moving, catalyzed by positive market sentiment in January 2024 — soaring to $2.26 from $0.18 (over 1100% increase) in just 14 days. The next leg up was on March 3, 2024, to $11.54. A consolidation followed that led to MAGA ascending to $17.52 on May 31, 2024 — the current all-time high price. Afterward, MAGA had a sharp sell-off to $5.55 by mid-June and currently sits around $7.13.

Trump’s 580,000 MAGA tokens have an estimated value of $4.2 million at today’s price of $7.13. Trump received his tokens as a gift when MAGA was less than $0.01, which means his MAGA holdings have increased over 71 thousand percent since then.

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However, the estimated value of Trump’s holdings is far from actuality after factoring in slippage (the difference in the executed trade price compared to the expected trade price). Liquidity (how easily an asset can be converted into ready cash without affecting its market price) and volatility (rapid price changes in a short time) are the primary causes of slippage. 

During trade execution, volatility is far less concerning because of the wide distribution of MAGA tokens and its large market cap — over $350 million. MAGA’s biggest slippage factor is low liquidity, as there would not be enough buy orders at the current price to fill Trump’s entire holdings. If Trump were to sell all 580,000 tokens, his sell order would consume all available buy orders, lowering the overall price. If Trump sold his entire holdings on Uniswap, he would expect to receive only around $2 million. Trump’s profit would be over 50% less than the nominal evaluation of $4.2 million. 

This underscores how liquidity plays an essential role in the cryptocurrency market. Nobody can escape the fundamentals; high-profile individuals like Trump must navigate intricate market dynamics. This scenario emphasizes an important lesson for investors: face value doesn’t always translate to actual cash. 

Like holding any cryptocurrency, holding meme coins like MAGA comes with its own set of risks. Meme coins can be especially volatile, creating a landscape where potential profits quickly turn to substantial losses. Making informed decisions and understanding the risks associated with your investment is crucial to maneuvering the unpredictable market. 

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