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How Elon Musk, Billy Markus Reacted To NYT Report On ‘Sympathy For Sam Bankman-Fried’ In The Bahamas

A New York Times (NYT) report has drawn sharp reactions from Twitter owner Elon Musk and Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) co-founder Billy Markus.

What Happened: The piece documented how residents in the Bahamas were grateful to crypto investor Sam Bankman-Fried for his generous tips and visits but exposed the danger and instability in the region due to rampant violence.

The report further highlighted that his arrest could lead to a retreat from wealthy crypto investors and a possible economic fallout in the region. 

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Musk's response to a Twitter post suggesting that someone find a publication that loves them like the New York Times loves Sam Bankman-Fried was met with a laughing emoji, seemingly mocking the NYT. 

Markus also responded saying, “lol what the f***”

Ali Partovi, CEO of Venture Capital Neo, condemned the report further, saying it is "a disgrace to the NYT and an insult to real journalists." Partovi also noted that the piece wrongly implies that crime is pervasive among the people of the Bahamas and fails to understand why it doesn't make sense to imprison Sam Bankman-Fried for his crimes.

Price Action: At the time of writing, Dogecoin was trading at $0.07, down 4.31% in the last 24 hours, according to Benzinga Pro data.

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