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How Taunt Battleworld is Bringing Combat Sports to the Metaverse

It is well known that people enjoy observing physical combat as both sport and entertainment. This has been the case throughout history, from ancient gladiator arenas to modern mixed martial arts fights.

The concept of observing and predicting the outcome of sporting events has been present in the real world for a long time, and now it is entering the virtual world through Taunt Battleworld. The company has announced the upcoming launch of its in-game currency $TAUNT to help power the game

Taunt Battleworld is a digital collectible fighting game that combines gaming and gamified live viewership. It offers free-to-play and esports options, as well as the ability for players to own and trade assets.

The incoming release of $TAUNT is planned for late Q1. Confirmed launchpads include BSCpad, Wepad, and Spores. 

How Taunt Battleworld Works

Taunt Battleworld is a game set in a futuristic world where “Old Gods” send their fighters to battle each other on a place called Battleworld. The fighters for the “Old Gods” are called Acolytes Warriors and are represented by rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs). There are 25,000 Acolytes available, divided into five races, which can be obtained through NFT drops. Instead of controlling their Acolytes directly, the battles are simulated by a proprietary algorithm that predicts the winner based on various factors. Players can enter their Acolytes into tournaments and earn rewards for engaging with the tournaments by watching battles and predicting the outcome for free. Taunt Battleworld is powered by the patented Taunt LIVE platform that allows for real-time interaction that affects gameplay.  

Taunt Battleworld is a game developed by a group of industry veterans who have worked at companies like EA Games, THQ, and Amazon.

The game is backed by Genblock Capital, Polygon Studios, and Shima Capital.

Magic Eden, a leading marketplace, recently listed Taunt Battleworld as one of the top 7 gaming projects on the Polygon blockchain that are launching in the near future."

You Never Know Who You Will See in Battleworld 

Taunt Battleworld has several commitments from the world’s top combat sports athletes to be in the game. The "Black Magic" Collection will be available on Magic Eden on January 14th and will feature rare playable characters such as Floyd Mayweather Jr, Cris Cyborg, and Andy Ruiz Jr. In addition to these world champions, the collection will also include a selection of other warriors, totaling 1,000 pieces. You can learn more about the collection here.

Vote to get $TAUNT 

In parallel with the Black Magic Collection launch, you can earn free airdropped tokens by voting for $TAUNT to be a community based launch on top launchpad DAO maker through January 17th. $TAUNT will be used for in-game utility and to power the Taunt Live platform.  

Players can vote here to earn their free tokens. 

War of the Worlds 

Gone are the days of simply watching fights on TV or in person. Now, audiences can actively participate and win digital rewards through these immersive and interactive platforms. The world of combat has been forever changed by the advent of these technologies, making it more exciting and engaging than ever before. 

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