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Logan Paul Gets Countersuit Warning From Coffeezilla For ‘Highly Defamatory’ Image On YouTube: ‘Can’t Get Over The Fact That…’

YouTuber and self-professed crypto scam investigator Coffeezilla has finally responded to Logan Paul’s threat to “sue” him after the former released a three-part series covering Paul’s CryptoZoo project and its alleged downfall. 

What Happened: In a tweet posted on Wednesday late evening, Stephen Findeisen — better known as Coffeezilla — said If Paul sues him, he is counter-suing him based on "a highly defamatory image" posted by Paul in a recent video.

Paul on Tuesday posted a seven-minute YouTube video refuting Coffeezilla's accusations and threatening legal action for not only misinforming the public but for publicizing an "illegal recording" of his manager, Jeff Levin.

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Coffeezilla scoffed at Paul, recalling that Paul publicly backed him through his Patreon, even praised his "work ethic" and "creativity", only to then turn around and take him to court.

Paul slammed Eddie Ibanez as a "professional conman." He added that neither he nor his manager, Levin, profited from the CryptoZoo project and that they "lost money trying to pick up the pieces."

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