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Metabond Reports Adding Value To Crypto Portfolios With NFT And Rewards Structure

Creating passive income streams through Defi has been a goal and hallmark of the crypto industry — systems like Metabond are meant to add value to a portfolio with unique ways to approach value. The company says its NFT product is for both beginners and professionals , and is backed by a pool that acts diversified in the market through the latest DeFi liquidity protocols.

“Following an easy, 4-step process, you too can claim plenty of BUSD rewards. BNB and BUSD, mint your NFT, hold your NFT, and start claiming your BUSD rewards. This value proposition is unique, but it also leaves a lot of room for sustainable growth.”

Upgrading to the Metabond Pass, which launched on November 18th, enables even more rewards. Users with large networks can earn through referrals in the affiliation program, and the Metabond Pass has numerous other benefits like whitelisting for new projects and preference for mining.

The way Metabond pays out capital is in the form of $BUSD Rewards. During the second launch of Bondfield Landplot NFTs in Q1 of 2023, proceeds from NFT sales are deposited into a pool that Metabond invests in various investment vehicles and manages in a diversified manner. Resulting profits are paid out to NFT holders as $BUSD Rewards.

These investment strategies build the pool by increasing the value of the pool itself, theoretically resulting in a continuously growing sum. Long-term NFT holders are rewarded with higher $BUSD Rewards from the pool, as long as they don’t sell their NFTs.

 For those that plan to work with the system for a long time, Metabond says that buying the pass to earn more is definitely worthwhile. Long-term NFT owners are also rewarded with the Automatic Lottery. By upgrading a Metabond Pass and owning multiple Bondfield Landplot NFTs, individuals get more lottery tickets with a greater chance of winning (tickets aren’t sold, they are only distributed to NFT holders). 

Not only can users purchase Bondfield NFTs, but Metabond reports that designing or building out a property however they choose is a valuable part of the system. Modifications could also increase a plot’s value and enable a user to sell it for more than its purchase price.

It’s also possible to upgrade a Metabond Pass level — leveling up brings more profit to the owner. Metabond passes come with properties and rarity, for instance if someone mined a Golden Metabond Pass, it is equivalent to a “level 10 Metabond Pass”.

The more users level up a Metabond Pass, the less MB-Tax they have to pay, which is automatically deducted from $BUSD Rewards twice per month. Metabond Pass levels 5 and higher increase the Affiliate Rewards and tickets for the Automated Lottery. 

Interested in learning more or getting involved? Check out metabond.capital.

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