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Protests In China = Global Growth Concerns

Good Morning Everyone!

Somebody forgot to tell consumers we're headed into a recession.



Prices as of 4 pm ET, 11/25/22; % YTD


Complicating China’s path to reopening

  • Protests erupted against China’s Covid-Zero strategy

  • Wide spread: Beijing, Shanghai and over 100 Universities

  • Largest threat to Chinese power since Tiananmen crisis 30 years ago

  • China ETF

President Xi Jinping has recently secured a 3rd term

  • And XI appointed Li Qiang (oversaw Shanghai lockdown) to the party’s #2 spot

  • How will Xi react?

  • Concern is that China will either suffer from continued lockdown measures

  • Or…

  • A health crisis if the government is forced to back-off from Zero-Covid

  • If China is to reopen, we need to see a pivot from lockdowns to increased vaccination rates


  • 4.2% to 3.6%

  • Falling bond yields may be signaling the expected slow-down in 2023

Wednesday Jay Powell commentary

Friday November U.S. jobs data

December 14     FOMC meeting

It’s interesting that the US dollar is weaker today in a “risk-off” tape

Crude 74 -2%

  • Year to date, WTI crude is down 1%

Apple (NASDAW:AAPL)   -2%

  • Concerns on iPhone Pro-14 unit shortfalls due to Chinese protests

  • Plant in Zhengzhou likely result in a 6 million iPhone Pro shortfall this year

Thanksgiving Day online spending (Black Friday)

  • Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) reports online spending hit a record of $5.3 billion

  • Up 2.9% year over year

Earnings None


Binance officially presents proof of reserves system

  • Two weeks ago pledged to develop system

  • Merkle-based system to verify holdings

  • Bitcoin currently only token can use system

    • Coins to be added over coming weeks

SBF to speak Wednesday at New York Times event

  • Dealbook summit with Andrew Sorkin

  • Other speakers include Larry Fink (BlackRock), Eric Adams (NY mayor), Mike Pence (former vice president), President Zelensky (Ukraine), Mark Zuckerberg, Reed Hastings (Netflix)

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