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Raoul Pal Says Bitcoin Has Gained 114,000% In Last 10 Years — But In Years It’s Not Best-Performing Asset…

Macro expert and former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal remarked that Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) has performed best in seven of the last 10 years, gaining 114,000% since 2013.

What Happened: However, Pal told his 992,000 followers on Twitter that in years Bitcoin wasn't the best performing, “it was the worst performing” asset.

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Interesting to see that in the last 10 years BTC has been the best-performing asset in 7 out of those 10 years. In the years it wasn't the best performing, it was the worst performing!

However, since 2013:

BTC is up 114,00%
NDX +392%
SPX +203%
Fed Balance Sheet +201%#Bitcoin pic.twitter.com/vYa2rBPv0f

Upon being asked by a Twitter user how Bitcoin has performed in 2022, Pal said “worst performing.”

The user responded in the same thread stating: “Same in 2018 and 2014.”

Pal added, “Interestingly [BTC) is the only asset class that dropped more than 50% in its down years.”

On Dec.12, Pal noted that the magic level in Bitcoin is 20%. “Every time it got there it was the cyclical low or preceded a larger leg higher in an early bull market.”


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