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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Says Bitcoin Holders Will Get Richer When Fed Prints ‘Trillions Of Fake Dollars’

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki says that people who own Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) will end up wealthier than those he describes as "fake money savers," and encourages his Twitter follower to purchase the apex crypto

In a Friday tweet, Kiyosaki said Bitcoin holders would likely get richer when the Fed changes its monetary policy and begins to print more money. 

He also said that besides Bitcoin, precious metals like gold and silver are likely to return more value, unlike saving money. 

Earlier, he mentioned that he is a long-term investor of BTC rather than a trader and if the price of Bitcoin drops further, he will be excited rather than nervous. 

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Kiyosaki also warned that the U.S. pension crisis could be the "next global Lehman."

Recently the pension funds in England almost collapsed, and Kiyosaki warned that a similar situation could arise in the U.S. 

Earlier in October, Kiyosaki mentioned that he is bullish on Bitcoin because state-sponsored pension funds are starting to invest in BTC.

Kiyosaki has repeatedly cautioned that the U.S. is heading toward an economic collapse. He said in a tweet that amid a financial meltdown, investors could keep their capital intact by loading up on gold, silver, and Bitcoin. 

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $17,156, up about 1% in the last seven days. The apex crypto's market cap stood at around $330 billion. 

Photo: Created with an image from Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia

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