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Robinland Is Unlocking Commercial Real Estate Investment On The Blockchain

Scarlet Chen, CEO of Robinland, sat down with Benzinga to talk about the company at Benzinga’s Future Of Crypto Event. Robinland offers a bridge between liquidity in crypto and high-quality real asset debt that offers fixed passive income. The company allows investors to be part of stablecoin which is backed by real-life assets in commercial real estate. In essence, this becomes a safer option for people who want to park their tokens and coins.

One thing that sets Robinland apart is because the company is involved in both virtual and real-life assets, the company is completely legal and compliant with all regulations; this legality sets them apart from the vast majority of other D5 lending protocols and platforms. As the bull run of cryptocurrency comes to a close, finding platforms that can evolve and remain successful amid changing Fed APR rates is crucial. 

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