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Seaside Club Founder Talks To Benzinga About A Unique Vision For Blockchain Technologies

Benzinga had an opportunity to discuss with Seaside Club CEO and Founder HK the company’s origin and where they are going. And here is what HK has to share.


Brief info:

HK, the Seaside Club CEO and Founder, already has more than 17 years of experience in Real Estate and other high profit industries. He’s a crypto-enthusiast and believes that with Web3, people really can have a world with no borders. That’s why HK decided to invest in crypto by developing a standalone ecosystem and building a strong community around it.


HK realizes that many people simply fear investing in crypto because it is too volatile. Well, in the case of the Seaside Club ecosystem there’s a stable basis for crypto investments – high-profit traditional businesses like Gold & Diamond mining and real estate. And that’s how it works: no matter which Seaside business you choose, you’ll get a 30% fixed annual return rate on each $1 invested, distributed in Seaside Coins at market price.


Benzinga: What was the motivation behind Seaside Club? 


HK: Seaside Club was created to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world in a way that is inviting and accessible to everyone. I firmly believe in bringing people together and creating opportunities for people to become better versions of themselves, mentally and physically. Web3 is the only real place without borders, it’s a mechanism to create a community and help people succeed. 

For me, Seaside Club stands alone against its contemporaries in the blockchain world because it was built with the community, sustainability, longevity and education in mind.

Benzinga: What sets Seaside Club aside from other blockchain platforms?

HK: Here at Seaside Club we are bridging the gap between the older and newer generations. Older generations have spent a lifetime working with real assets like gold, copper, diamond, and lithium, which leads them to be not interested in the Web 3.0 space. The Seaside Club’s coin is backed by real-life assets, which bring a level of security and reliability to the coin. Since the coin is backed by profits from investments in high-profit traditional industries, like mining and real estate, Seaside guarantees the return on the fiat value of the investment.

So, how does the Seaside Coin actually work? First, it is stored to distribute rewards from the real-life business operations of Seaside Club, then all NFTs pay out a % of business revenue to users through the Seaside Coin. And that’s how it’s used to store and transfer value generated by Seaside Club´s businesses.

There will be a total supply of 2,000,000,000 Seaside coins with a total target to be raised of  $117 million. Tokenizing real-world assets is one of Seaside Club´s main priorities for 2023.

To learn more about the Seaside Coin and the tokenomics, click here.

We want Web3 to be accessible to everyone, not just the younger generation or wealthy individuals. Creating a platform that merges Web2 and Web3 is one way to gain trust, build credibility, and open up doors to Web3. 

Benzinga: Community seems important to you – what makes your platform and community unique? 

HK: Yes, so much of Seaside Club is based in active learning and community engagement. Through various communication channels, like Discord and Twitter, we invite and welcome users to use Seaside Club as a place to be part of a community and invest in themselves. Users who are interested can create educational content for the platform and earn money. There are daily quizzes where users can earn “learn coins.” 

In January 2023, we will launch our Learn2Earn Seaside App soon, which will help upgrade one’s knowledge on crypto, tech, and NFT topics and earn money by doing so. 

The main features of the App are the following:

  • The App will provide you with news, podcasts, and learning materials from the crypto, NFT, lifestyle, and business areas
  • Networking with other holders and the team in a special chat, also having access to alpha trading and analytics channels
  • Winning daily quizzes, earning app ratings, and learning tokens 
  • Possibility to spend Learn Tokens for blue-chip NFTs and tickets to real-life events
  • Communicating your own project to be supported and funded by the club-participants
  • Applying for creating content and to earn money from featuring your own learning materials in the App

The App will be available to everyone, because we believe that knowledge needs to be free for everyone. Earning will be restricted to holders of Apex Humanity NFT, Membership NFT, and Crypto Hunters NFT.

The staff is always available to answer any questions, providing a family-like atmosphere. The company is in the process of developing a newspaper that will not only provide information about Web3 but will promote a healthy body and mind.

Community is paramount to Seaside Club’s core. Building community is intrinsic to the company’s values and it shows in every aspect of the platform’s growth and development. Seaside Help, which is Seaside Club’s charity initiative, also draws on the importance of community. We’re also planning to have users vote on the type of charity projects Seaside Club is going to support. 

Benzinga: What can we look forward to from Seaside Club?

HK: Seaside Club is soon releasing its own reality TV series called Crypto Hunters, which will be available worldwide on TV and multiple streaming platforms. The purpose behind the TV series is to bring attention and awareness to Web3 and its endless possibilities.

I strongly believe in the importance of Web3 and the ability to transform the world. I want to present to people the world of crypto in a digestible way.

The main feature of Crypto Hunters is that it’s a unique reality TV series that brings together those two worlds – Web 3.0 and Entertainment. The total show production budget is more than $10 million. We are working together with highly experienced and known people from the Streaming, Movie and TV world.  

  • Bianca Goodloe, a legal counsel and representative (“Alien vs. Predator”, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, “The Lord of the Rings” and many more)
  • Bruce Macdonald, an award-winning producer and movie director (“The Perfect Wave”, “Samson,” “Van Der Merwe”)
  • Samad Davis, a professional TV show and movie producer (Netflix-featured series “Kings of Jo’burg” & “Top Actor SA”)
  • Boomtown Productions, the movie production company from Dubai known worldwide for top commercials for Volkswagen, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, football star Lionel Messi and many more.

The company is also working on a unique mobile game for the Seaside Club ecosystem that will be playable in Web2 and Web3.

Please follow this link to learn more about the Seaside Club and the opportunity it offers.

Featured Photo by Seaside Club

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