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Trade Currencies, Precious Metals and Stocks Without Commissions on the Blockchain-Powered Exfor Platform

With the powerful and the mighty wielding control over large scale investments and locking out the ordinary man, Exfor is a platform that helps retailers play alongside the big guns. A revolution in the forex and metal trading industry, Exfor offers a fixed commission model that saves a ton of money. Coupled with its transparency, blinding fast data flow and top of the line security, the platform offers the world’s first trading opportunity designed for small scale investors.

Pay a Fixed Amount, Trade All You Like

The innovative approach by Exfor lets all traders pay a standard upfront fee based on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or even annually, for as low as $25 per month. The subscription allows the platform to create a business model that relies on a fixed earning and forgo commissions on trades.

This in turn helps its traders. Where they would end up paying huge sums of money to brokers and platforms, traders on Exfor can pay a minimum $25 to get in on the action.

Exfor has already started its operations, offering different marketing strategies and trading opportunities. This is achieved with its influential partnerships from all corners of the planet. Touching essential geographic locations such as the Middle East, Latin America, and Northern Africa, Exfor has collaborated with firms like MetaQuotes, Brokeree Solutions, and other technical data providers to ensure on-time and accurate trading information for its clients.

Setting New Standards

Exfor is an all-encompassing trading platform that offers a variety of different tradable assets for its users. From fiat currencies to precious metals such as gold and silver, to A-list stocks and bonds, the online existence means that its users are not limited to trades within their jurisdictions. This opens up global access of opportunities for its users, no matter where they are.

Key elements that set Exfor apart also include offering the best spreads without any markups, liquidity aggregation for a smoother trading experience, and complete transparency of all trades by uploading data on the blockchain.

Exfor goes another step for retail investors by giving them full legal and financial protection. The platform is a registered authorized trading platform, licensed under the Labuan Financial Services Authority. As a responsible service, Exfor also provides funds insurance by keeping all user funds in a separate account in the hands of a third-party bank, MayBank, a AAA banking service based in Malaysia.

Exfor is New, Not its Team

Creating a new trading platform that has the potential to push its competitors away with relative ease is not an easy feat. However, Exfor manages to create just the right situation that sets it as the future market leader.

This is achieved through a diverse team of professionals that bring together years, even decades of experience, and work in a synergetic relationship.

With a doctorate in International Economics, Khaled Alkhader not only has intimate theoretical knowledge but has practical ground experience through managing different Middle Eastern and North African clients for some of the top brokerage firms in the world. His knowledge and experience come in handy to develop the right financial products for these regions.

A fintech expert well-known in the crypto sector, Ivan Marchena is a forex expert who has worked in the industry for over a decade, helping major financial firms such as Libertex Group, Prime XBT, Alpari Group, and others. His long-term vision with a focus on the smaller aspects gives him a unique approach that has helped each firm he has worked with grow in the Latin America region. Bringing the same expertise, his insights are crucial for Exfor.

Exfor has started its operations in October this year and is now set to redefine the traditional trading environment forever.


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