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Trade Up and Take Your Trading To the Next Level with Coinigy, a Multi-Exchange Trading Platform

Date/time, ticker symbol, shares, buy/sell, entry price, target price, stop price, setup/trade plan, exit date, exit price, exit notes, profit/loss. Often you have to track all that data at several different platforms, dive through different interfaces and keep in mind different scales. Exhausting. But now you have the solution.

With Coinigy, you can trade, manage, and track cryptocurrencies all in one place. With its CryptoSync technology you can trade and administer cryptocurrency across multiple exchanges all in one place. Traders get market notifications through text messages, email, or push notifications tailored and updated in real time. 

Raise the Stakes in Your Trading 

Coinigy’s trading platform makes your trading as easy as pie. Along with 45 exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Pro, Kucoin, Kraken, and Poloniex, CryptoSync gives consumers access to 6,800 markets and currency pairs.

The platform offers unlimited real-time price data from several exchanges, full-featured spot trading, data visualization, direct blockchain research, portfolio management, and aggregation tools. The opportunity to earn money via arbitrage is another significant advantage.

Trade How You Want

This platform is completely configurable: if you don’t like the general interface offer, just make your own: create and store trade charts using indicators you need. Also there’s a newly created crypto screener – tool that assists in capitalizing on the possibilities given by the turbulent cryptocurrency market. And both of these benefits are just free to use for all Coinigy users.

In order to ensure the security of all user data on a trading platform, Coinigy has taken numerous measures to protect the data. All user requests are authenticated and encrypted using SSL technology in order to ensure their security. A Google data center is now host to the platform as well as the Google Authenticator 2FA feature, which is compatible with the platform. As part of its promotional efforts, Coinigy also restricts access to users’ API integration keys, so all users are not able to use Coinigy to its full potential. This limits Coinigy’s functionality for everyone.

Wrapping Up

Since Coinigy has been in operation for eight years, it has developed a reputation as one of the most dependable and accessible cryptocurrency solutions available. Trade, manage, and track all your cryptocurrencies in one user-friendly Coingily interface. 

Crypto enthusiasts are encouraged to take advantage of Coinigy’s 7-day free trial, which the company offers for all its users.

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