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Web3 Messenger BChat Adds Crypto Functionality With Integration Of Beldex Wallet

Web3 messenger BChat, which was built on the Beldex network, announced on Thursday the integration of the Beldex wallet into its messaging platform.

This allows users to send and receive Beldex (CRYPTO: BDX), the native cryptocurrency of the Beldex network, while privately messaging contacts.

According to Beldex Lead Architect Sanada Yukimura, private blockchains such as Beldex offered a solution to the transparency issue of peer-to-peer transactions on traditional blockchain-based wallets by verifying the authenticity of transactions without revealing transaction metadata. Long and complicated wallet addresses of traditional Web3 wallets could be difficult to remember, which made it a challenge to verify identities.

“BChat aims to solve this problem by associating wallet addresses with human-readable identities and allowing users to privately message each other as they transact,” Yukimura said in a press statement.

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BChat IDs Tagged To Wallet Addresses

BChat recently added encrypted voice and video call functionality, where IDs are tagged to wallet addresses, which allowed users to easily verify the identity of their contacts and send and receive BDX without double-checking the wallet address.

Beldex Chairman Afanddy Bin Hushni said the key to the widespread adoption of Web3 ecosystems was to improve usability and the user experience of decentralized Web3 applications.

“BChat aims to do this by educating new users and adding new features to the platform, in an effort to bridge the deep chasm in Web3 adoption,” Hushni said.

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