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What is Walter Inu ?

Walter Inu is a community-driven Meme Coin based on the Bull Terrier from the webcomic and video series known as “Dogelore”. Walter is the first Meme or Dog Coin to have it’s own real life community mascot, a Bull Terrier named Walter that core team member Dennis is raising.

Walter Inu was launched on the Binance Smart Chain on December 21, 2021. The community took over ownership of the token approximately a month after launch and have been progressing ever since.The core team members are Dennis, Dixon, Steve, Jay, Jahid and Alfred. DIY is our graphics and NFT Designer and Hafidu is our Videographer.

What are the goals of the project ?

The main goal of the project is to create the best Meme Coin tracking website on the market. MemeWorld is a cross-chain platform that will only list the most legit Meme Coins on the market and provide unbiased information in the form of an in house blog. MemeWorld will also be a revenue-sharing platform for $WINU holders meaning any revenue generated from ads and services will be given back to Walter Inu holders.

What are the utilities of the project ?

The usecase of the Walter Inu NFTs is passive income in the form of BNB from our P2E game called “World Of Walters”. There are only 100 NFTs and these can only be bought and sold on our Marketplace at

MemeWorld will be released soon and has many cool features. The fact that it it will be revenue-sharing is a reason for investors to hold Walter Inu. The way revenue will be generated is through listings, Cross Chain Trending Banner, Articles, AMAs and Twitter promotions. MemeWorld also has features such as an on site swap, Portfolio Tracker and an easy to use interface to track and compare what your favorite Meme Coins are doing in comparison to the rest of the market.

– Max supply of Walter Inu is 100000000000

– Walter Inu all-time-high market cap is $1.9M

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