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Why Bitcoin Fans Are Pleading Elon Musk To Spare This Scientist’s Twitter Account From Mass Clean-Up

Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) enthusiasts have been left unsettled amid the looming possibility of computer scientist Hal Finney's Twitter account being deleted. 

What Happened: On Dec.9, Elon Musk announced that Twitter plans to delete 1.5 billion inactive accounts. “These are obvious account deletions with no tweets [and] no log-in for years,” Musk said. 

Although this move is meant to clean up the Twitterverse, there's still the risk of the deletion of Hal Finney's account, which worries some cryptocurrency fans.

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Why It Matters: Finney's Twitter account is a poignant reminder of the early days of Bitcoin. Finney was a computer scientist and one of the first people to run the Bitcoin software (besides Satoshi) – he was also the recipient of the first BTC transaction.

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