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Worldcoin’s Wallet App Tops 1M Monthly Users Amid Global Scrutiny: ‘This Is Just The Beginning’

World App, the crypto wallet from Sam Altman’s Worldcoin, has crossed a significant user milestone despite facing international regulatory scrutiny.

The World App, launched just six months ago, now claims over one million monthly active users, reported The Block. This places it among the top-tier crypto wallets in the industry.

The app also boasts over 500,000 weekly active users and more than 100,000 daily active users, as revealed by Worldcoin’s lead developer, Tools for Humanity (TFH). In total, the World App has surpassed four million downloads, making it the sixth most popular self-custody crypto hot wallet, according to CoinGecko’s rankings.

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These milestones come amid increasing government scrutiny of Worldcoin in countries including the U.K., France, Germany, and Argentina. Concerns have been raised over Worldcoin’s data collection practices through its “orbs” devices, which allow users to scan their eyes for identity verification.

Worldcoin maintains that it deletes or securely stores biometric data in encrypted form, and pledges cooperation with regulatory authorities. The World App starts with World ID, designed to verify user identity in the era of AI, without sharing personal data.

The project aims for simplicity and inclusivity, supporting multiple languages and most smartphones. Future updates intend to include more local languages and currencies.

“This is just the beginning,” said Tiago Sada, head of product at TFH, expressing enthusiasm for the future of World App.

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