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Would You Spend $4,500 To Have Dinner With Donald Trump? Here’s What Benzinga Followers Said

The former President of the United States launched a non-fungible token collection on Thursday. Trump’s collection of 45,000 NFTs sold out and has generated quite the buzz on social media. Here’s a look at one of the perks that came with buying the NFTs.

What Happened: Former President Donald Trump sold 45,000 NFTs featuring himself on Thursday. The collection was minted on the Polygon (CRYPTO: MATIC) blockchain.

Each NFT came with a cost of $99 and could be purchased with a credit card or with Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH).

Among the perks of the NFT mint was each NFT coming with an entry to a sweepstakes sent to the minter’s email address. The website also said that anyone who bought 45 of the NFTs would get a ticket to a gala dinner with Trump.

Other sweepstakes prizes included a Miami dinner with Trump, a group cocktail at Mar-A-Lago, a one-on-one meeting with Trump, one hour of golf with Trump and two friends and a Zoom call with the former president.

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Benzinga’s Poll: Based on the Trump NFTs release offering a gala dinner with the former president with the purchase of 45, Benzinga used this as one of its weekly poll questions.

Benzinga asked, “Would you spend $4,500 to have dinner with Trump?”

The actual cost if you bought 45 Donald Trump NFTs came in at around $4,455.

Of those that answered, the results were:

Yes: 17.5%

No: 82.5%

While the majority of people answered no to the poll, anyone who did buy 45 of the Donald Trump NFTs is up on their original investment.

A purchase of 45 Donald Trump NFTs at $99 came with a cost of $4,455.

Based on the floor price of the NFTs of 0.16 Ethereum, or around $193 at the time of writing, the investment is now worth $8,687.25.

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