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How CudoCompute Is Empowering Filmmakers And VFX Artists Through Distributed Cloud Computing

3D animation, motion graphics and computer-generated images (CGI) are key parts of today’s entertainment landscape. Video content is everywhere and much of it relies on incredible images not captured with a camera but created by Visualeffects (VFX) artists and animators. The ability to create realistic images not bound by the limitations of practical reality has allowed filmmakers to create action sequences and alien landscapes not possible before the advent of modern CGI.

CGI has also allowed smaller independent filmmakers to punch above their weight, so to speak. Traditional practical effects can be incredibly expensive – and dangerous – often remaining out of reach for filmmakers with a more modest budget than a studio provides. CGI can allow them to still communicate their vision in its entirety.

However, rendering the work of VFX artists (an intensive task where the component parts of the animation or CGI is processed into a final image by a computer) can prove to be a limiting factor. Many films today are finished in incredibly high resolutions – 6K, 8K, even 10K.

This makes the rendering process incredibly resource-hungry. Most filmmakers, except for the largest studios, lack the computing power to handle these render jobs. They must trade power for time, meaning the render jobs can take weeks or more. And the longer a render takes, the higher the likelihood that something goes wrong in the process.

Innovative Tech To The Rescue

The distributed computing platform known as CudoCompute may provide a solution to this problem. The platform harnesses the idle power of individual computers and small-scale server farms around the globe, providing a marketplace where users can access high-performance computing on demand. 

The efficiencies generated from companies expanding their pool of resources beyond the constraints of their own data center and of a centralized public cloud provider to encompass globally available compute, delivers an inherently more sustainable model for the customer and the supplier, both economically and environmentally.

A filmmaker may not have the resources to maintain their own render farm, but by renting computing power from CudoCompute’s market, they can essentially create one, whenever they need.

This allows for filmmakers and VFX artists to greatly decrease their render times by orders of magnitude, empowering them to create without limit. And in an industry that moves at lightning speed, they will be able to meet tight deadlines with ease.

High Growth Potential

This technology is at the nexus of two industries on a strong upward trajectory. CGI, which makes up an ever larger portion of the $90 billion film industry at large, is expected to maintain a CAGR of 19.9% through 2028, while the distributed cloud is expected to more than double in the next five years alone.

To learn more about the transformative power of a distributed cloud, check out https://www.cudocompute.com/.

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