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MemeWorld: The One-Stop Shop For All Things Meme Coin

MemeWorld sponsored by Walter Inu, aims to be the CoinMarketCap of Meme Coins. Your one-stop shop for information related to Meme Coins, a price tracker to compare what your favorites are doing in regard to the rest of the market and a place to find the next Meme Coin that attains mass global adoption. All tokens listed will be vetted by our team to ensure the safety of investors using the platform. With that being said, MemeWorld was created for informational purposes only and nothing on the site should be taken as financial advice.


Starting out they will be able to list any tokens on the Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche. As the Meme Coin industry grows and expands, they will be adding new blockchains to keep up with the times. Advertising with MemeWorld will only be allowed by tokens that are actually listed on the platform. This includes Banner Ads, Articles, Trending, AMAs and Tweets. All revenue generated will be distributed to Walter Inu holders making MemeWorld the main utility for $WINU.


The MemeWorld community is geared towards trying to unite people of all different Meme Coin communities in an effort to make the space better for everyone. AMAs hosted on Twitter Spaces will be one way of communicating and allowing developers of projects to present and showcase what they bring to the table. They have partnered with Luna Inu, Boba Inu, Grimace Coin, Lakeview Meta and Sheeb Inu with dates of AMAs to be announced soon.

Portfolio Tracker & On-Site Swap

A couple very neat features included with MemeWorld are a Portfolio Tracker and an on-site swap. The Portfolio Tracker only works for the Ethereum Network currently, but will have more blockchains added in the future. This shows you your total balance of all Ethereum based tokens in your DeFi wallet just by simply pasting in your wallet address. The on-site swap included on the token page, allows you to purchase any token listed on MemeWorld directly on our site. They will continue to add updates and more features as the platform grows.

Future Additions

They plan to add their own MemeWorld merch store when the time is right. Merch with the platform’s logo, token logos and popular memes will be sold with all profits going back into the platform itself. The addition of a Memes Page will be added where people can share memes of their tokens freely. As stated previously, they will be adding more blockchains as the Meme Coin industry grows.

Follow MemeWorld

As an up and coming Web3 Pioneer, they will be providing all updates on MemeWorld via their Social Media accounts. You can follow them on Twitter MemeWorldList and join their official Telegram group MemeWorldList. The release date will be announced very soon.They look forward to continued growth and helping move the Meme Coin market in the right direction for the days and years to come.

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