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A first in crypto – GrimaceSports

What is GrimaceSports ?

GrimaceSports is an esports platform created by GrimaceCoin. GrimaceCoin has established an esports platform, breaking new ground in the crypto world. In GrimaceSports, you can participate in various games by forming your teams. GrimaceCoin prizes will be given to the winning team in these tournaments.

What will be included in GrimaceSports ?

In addition to CS GO, GrimaceSports will also feature various games. You can access these tournaments, which will be supported by Twitch broadcasts, at and stay up to date. It is also useful to join GrimaceCoin’s Discord group by clicking here. Various events will be held on Discord and you can be aware of what’s coming.

GrimaceSports has added Twitch streamer Ike Mayne to its roster.

Ike started 1998 playing quake and quake 2, won a lan 1999.
2000 switched to Counter-Strike, played it for a few years.
2003 switched to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, played all the way to 2007.
From 2007 kept a few years break playing whatever whenever, mostly dota 1 and HoN until CS:GO came out 2012, since then it’s been ike’s main game.
2014-2017 Ike was a Gfinity admin, running tournaments three times a week and for a moment he was an article writer for Team Dignitas.
2017-nowadays he had played some CS:GO tournaments, 2021 and 2022 won a finnish league back to back.
Now he administrate a 40 thousand users facebook-group for Pokémon GO Finland, own homecitys local facebook-group and he is an administrator on a 10 thousand users Discord which revolves around gaming, mostly GTA RP.

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